Steps to Sell Your Business for The Best Price Are you ready to take the next steps in your career?Are you hoping to sell your business but unsure of where to begin?    1.      Business Valuation A business valuation is always the first step in any business sale. You will need to fully understand what the business is worth to decide on a listing

Five Reasons Business Brokers Improve Closing Rates   Hiring a business broker may seem complicated and an unnecessary expense to someone who is trying to save money and simplify the sale of their business. Why add more to your long list of to-dos when you have enough going on? Well, the thing is, a business broker is so much more than just an extra set of hands. Studies have shown that wor

Common Value Drivers - Blog 1 of Many Over the next several months I plan to methodically address common, but mission critical "Value Drivers" that every Seller (and every Buyer) should be assessing with respect to a Company's enterprise value. Too often, we look at the financial numbers alone and leap straight to a napkin based, rule of