Embracing Technology to Boost Your Business

 Embracing Technology to Boost Your Business

As the owner of any size business – growth is what motivates every financial and marketing decision. Not only is this completely normal, but it is also encouraged. New generations have different interests. What motivates consumers to invest their money is often influenced by the current economic or political climate. For instance, Generation Z is much more concerned about making eco-conscious decisions than the last two before them. As we gear into the year 2020, now more than ever before, a business owner must embrace technology to boost their business.

    1.  Embrace Mobile-friendly

Millennials, Generation Z, and even Baby Boomers are attached to their phones. Beyond an accessory, cell phones and other mobile devices have turned into an additional appendage. Because of this, it is important to make your business an extension of that. How do you do this? Ask your web developer to make your website mobile-friendly – it is that straightforward. Need more proof? In 2015, Google introduced the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project to help speed up the load time for mobile pages. Without a doubt, consumers are likely to click on your website from their phone, and a user-friendly website can make or break your image and potential for growth.

2.  Embrace Social Media

Instagram and Twitter are about more than selfies and complaining about your delayed flight. Social media is like a giant chatroom with an enormous potential for reaching the masses. Not only is social media a place for individuals to virtually connect, but it is also a hub for locating your best consumers. In fact, apps like Instagram know this. Because of that, they have great options like “business profiles,” which give you the capability of marketing to certain demographics to reach beyond your normal scope. This opens your business to greater sales potential.

 3. Embrace POS

Say goodbye to your old cash register, and say hello to the POS (point of sale) system. With the capacity to scan barcodes or be a chip reader, new POS systems allow business owners to have increased flexibility. For one, it has the ability to collect customer data, update inventory lists, and manage staffing. The possibilities are endless. This then frees up your time and provides greater insight into the type of consumer you should be targeting and the most popular inventory worth restocking.

 These are only three of the many doors advanced technology has opened for small businesses. In order to grow as a brand and business, one must consider how modern technology can work for your benefit. Still in doubt? Contact your local Transworld Business Advisors today to see the potential your business has to grow with some of these additions.