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Building a business in San Diego is no small task. No matter where, when, or how you started, you have put your blood, sweat, and tears into building your business from the ground up. Of course, that is something to be immensely proud of. Time after time, you have had to make some tough decisions – but, selling your business is often a decision that can feel overwhelming.

Whether you are selling your northern San Diego business to enjoy an early retirement or because youare concerned business is not going to do well in the future, it is always going to feel bittersweet. The backdrop to your business and life is the bright San Diego sun and warm, coastal air blowing – you don’t want selling to feel grim.

We recommend partnering with an experienced local business advisor as you make your next move – selling your business. At Transworld Business Advisors San Diego North, our advisors have unmatched experience in advising local sellers and buyers in countless industries and understand the common questions and concerns that need to be addressed to keep the process moving. We focus on the process of selling your San Diego area business so you can focus on running it until the best possible buyer comes along. When you are selling a business, you want to make sure you keep those sales numbers up so that the business is as attractive to a potential buyer as possible.

Over the years, Transworld San Diego North has developed a proven method for selling businesses in and around San Diego. We have used this method to sell hundreds of businesses throughout San Diego and we look forward to helping you sell yours

Business Valuation – Determining the Value of Your San Diego Business

Once you hire a business broker, the next step is a thorough business valuation. This step is vital because it determines several things – including the listing price. Unfortunately, many business owners throughout the country, let alone the San Diego area, can get this wrong. Because it can be difficult to remove oneself, you may find that your business should be worth much more than the market may indicate. It is important to be as neutral as possible, to not value your business too high or even too low.

At Transworld San Diego North, we have business valuation experts on our team who know the San Diego area business market. You need to know that business valuation is not an exact science. It’s not so much what you think your business is worth, as it is what a buyer thinks it's worth. There are a great number of factors that go into determining what your business is worth to a buyer – and what they are willing to pay to take it off your hands

We will examine your financial records to evaluate several factors that will affect the list price, including the below. Completing an accurate business valuation will help set an attractive, yet fair, selling price. Taking a deep dive into your financial records also helps our San Diego team identify any areas that should be addressed before listing your business.

  • Sales for up to the last five years
  • Projected growth
  • Market conditions
  • Current inventory and assets
  • Location and condition of the physical property
  • Value of your brand identity in the area
  • And much more

How to Sell Your San Diego Business Successfully

We are in the business of selling your northern San Diego business. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of a business sale from business valuations to listing prices and negotiations to final signatures. With a network of pre-vetted buyers in the San Diego area, our team will only bring you offers that have been screened.

Transworld San Diego North controls the information a prospective buyer receives, releasing specific details only as required. To protect you, we pre-qualify potential buyers. Before any sensitive information about your company is released, they must sign a confidentiality agreement.

Once a potential buyer makes an offer, we work diligently to negotiate the best price for your business. Once an agreement is reached, we help close the deal and will coordinate with lawyers, accountants, banks, leasing companies, etc. to help ensure everything is as smooth as possible. All of this takes place while you are doing the important task of running your business – keeping it profitable and desirable for potential buyers. Even after the deal is closed, you can reach out to Transworld San Diego North with any lingering questions

Selling a Business in Northern San Diego is Easy with Transworld

Selling a business doesn’t have to be overwhelming because, at Transworld San Diego North, we partner with you to get your company ready for sale so that you can bring in multiple offers, at top dollar. We work with clients throughout the San Diego area, including San Diego County, Riverside County, Imperial County, and San Joaquin.

Call us today at (760) 607-0641 to schedule an initial consultation. With our help, we are confident you can be one step closer to taking that day off and enjoying the southern California sunshine.

Selling your business is easy when you work with the pros at Transworld San Diego North!