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A Message to Small Business Owners and Future Entreprenuers from the President

Karl Barham, President


Hello Current and Future Business Owners,

Selling or buying a business can be complicated and intimidating without the help of a professional business advisor because banks, closing attorneys, and landlords, all need different documents and deliverables at different times. 

I understand today's small business owner. You hustle and work hard to build a business and may not be sure what comes next as you are ready to end that phase of your life. I have successfully acquired, started, managed, closed, and sold businesses for large corporations and small family-owned businesses. When a business owner is ready to retire or simply do something else and wants an expert with the networks, tools, and experience to help get the best value and the right buyer for their business they look to me and my team at Transworld Business Advisors of Atlanta Peachtree.

Our firm has season experts who are part of the small business community locally in Georgia. We help educate and advise business owners weekly on valuation, and business growth strategies to help them explore their growth and exit options. We volunteer and support entrepreneurship and organizations in our communities. We invest in continuous learning to be able to serve small business owners as advisors. Mostly importantly we care about our clients and work to help them reach their business acquisition or exit goals.

TBA Atlanta Peachtree has grown to one of the largest M&A and business brokerage firms in the Southeast and together with 250+ Transworld offices worldwide can service Main Street to lower middle market business owners throughout the US. For over forty years, Transworld has been a recognized leader who has specialized in the sale of businesses and commercial real estate.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to contact Transworld Business Advisors of Atlanta Peachtree and speak with us at any time to address issues regarding the process of selling or buying a business.

As you know, it is imperative to choose the right professionals when running your business. The same is true when exiting or entering a business. We consult with business owners and offer complimentary valuations to help business owners explore their options since it is of the utmost importance to properly prepare and structure the business sale. 

I would appreciate the opportunity to share strategies and tips for selling or buying a business, valuing a business, and the process itself. You may call me at our offices anytime.

We look forward to assisting you.