Company Exit Strategy: Is Selling Your Business the Right Exit Strategy for You and Your Business?

While we hear a lot about starting a business, it is not every day that we hear about leaving a business. There are many reasons why people consider exiting a business; no matter the reason, it is always good to ensure that you meet your business goals and get a fair return on the sale. There are several exit strategies a business owner can choose from when they have decided the time has come

Why Working With a Business Broker to Sell your Business Matters

Why Working With a Business Broker to Sell your Business Matters Business brokers, also called business transfer agents, or intermediaries, bring many benefits to the table for buyers and sellers as they assist in the process of buying and selling a business. Transworld Business Advisors is a global network of brokers offering a turnkey solution for those that want to build a solid

Market Research: What to Look for When Researching a Business to Buy

Following trends is not just about hashtags and designer labels. Market research for entrepreneurs and business owners can make all of the difference when on the hunt for the next big purchase. Market research is conducted to get into the psyche of the consumer - what makes someone more or less inclined to purchase your product or service? Once a business owner understands this, it can impro

Leverage the Linkedin Network to Help Sell Your Business

Your business's social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn, can make your business more attractive to potential buyers through goodwill and branding. We live in the digital age – the era of the Internet and social media. It is rarer now to find a restaurant without Wi-Fi than ones with it. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that businesses are only encouraged to have a social

Planning a Graceful Exit - Leaving a Legacy and closing a chapter

You’ve put your heart and soul into your business to get where you are today. You are ready to close the book on this chapter of your life and start something new, be it a new venture or enjoy a well-deserved slower pace.  The first task is deciding what your exit will look like, and then you can make preparations for that transition. For those whose business is just beginning or