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Door to Door Marketing Position

Door to Door Advertising / Direct Marketing

We are looking a part time person to distribute letters door to door of businesses.

The main duties of a drop letter distributor are to distribute marketing and promotional material to area small businesses.


The drop letters are to be delivered directly to business owners in designated areas. Drop letter distribution is a job involving long periods of time standing and/or walking, so good physical fitness is a requirement and must be able to reach the flyer distribution areas using their own means of transport (own vehicle is required).

This is a part time position with weekly minimum delivery goals (Estimated 3-4 hour per week). No specific training or education is required but must be able read maps and navigate roads and streets in designated area in Metro Atlanta.

Must have:

Hard-working, professional, and punctual

Ability to take digital pictures and upload via cell phone

Ability to work at night or early morning (when most businesses are closed)

Good physical fitness


The qualities required in a drop letter distributor include:

·        Ability to work quickly and efficiently

·        Hard-working, professional and punctual

·        Good physical fitness

·        Prepare drop letters for distribution


Top Reasons to Work as a Flyer Distributor

The opportunity to work flexible hours, on a part-time or casual (daily or hourly) basis, coupled with the lack of entry requirements are among the main reasons for which people look for drop letter distribution work. In addition to being a good way of earning money with relatively little effort, drop letter distribution also has the added appeal of limited direct contact with people.



Pay range: 125-200 per week + performance bonuses


If you’re a hard working and looking for a part time entry level position email [email protected]


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