Common Seller Questions Addressed

Common Seller Questions Addressed

Most professionals looking at how to sell a business have never been through the process before, so they naturally have quite a few questions about how to sell a business and how to find out how much a company is worth. So today we will be addressing some of the questions we hear quite often from our sellers to hopefully ease your mind.

How do you sell a business? I have been thinking about selling my business myself, is this something I can do? The short answer is yes, of course, but the long answer is as follows. Selling a business takes an enormous amount of time and effort, compound this with the fact that you must run your business at the same time you are selling it and right there is a pretty good reason to seek professional help. On top of the time commitment, most professionals do not have access to a large network of buyers, trusted resources like financial professionals and attorneys and the knowledge and experience to get to the closing table with a beneficial transaction at hand. Using the services of a professional will ensure that the business sale process remains confidential, a suitable buyer is chosen, the deal is structured well and ultimately you, the seller, gets a profitable deal.

How much is my business worth and should I sell my business? Valuing a business takes into account numerous factors from the financials of the business, to industry multiples and goodwill. It is always best to allow a professional with a good understanding of how to properly perform a valuation to do so. A professional will be able to identify the sweet spot between valuing a business and valuing a business for sale. And to address the second part of the question - Transworld firmly believes that most businesses are worth selling, it is simply a matter of the right price at the right time!

How do I sell my business fast? This is such a great question and there are a number of things you can do to improve the chances of your business selling and selling quickly. First, you can prepare your business for sale by getting a good transition plan in place. This involves removing yourself from the daily operations of the business as much as possible. This might involve hiring a manager or offloading responsibilities on current employees. This can also take the form of outsourcing accounting and documenting processes and procedures. Another great way to improve your chances of sale is to be open to seller financing. Seller financing further opens up the opportunity for purchase by a buyer, by expanding their financial reach and showing your continued vested interest in the business even after the acquisition has taken place. 

I would like for the sale of my business to be kept quiet. Is it even possible to list my business for sale and keep it confidential at the same time? Yes, it is possible to keep a business sale confidential, in fact, we prefer it! When word of sale gets out to employees, customers, and vendors it can complicate the sale process. Employees may leave to find new jobs out of fear, or customers may take their business elsewhere because they think business is not doing well. All of this can have a negative effect on your business, which in turn can decrease its chances of sale. Transworld is able to keep the sale of your business confidential through a few methods such as listing blind ads (not naming the business), requiring non-disclosure agreements to be signed by all potential buyers, as well as simple things like planning business meetings at our offices or in a coffee shop.

To learn more about how to sell your business and to discuss additional questions you may have, please visit our website or schedule a free consultation with one of our brokers.

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