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Buy an Established Bar Business

Colorado is home to a huge variety of small businesses, which are one of the big employers of Colorado. The restaurant and bar industry is a major player in the Colorado small business scene and employs nearly 300,000 people. One of the great advantages of joining the bar industry by buying a Denver bar and restaurant is the transfer of the liquor license. Liquor licensing can be notoriously difficult and may come with lengthy processing times. When you buy a bar for sale, Transworld Business Advisors will help you manage the process of transferring the liquor license quickly and efficiently.

Colorado Bars for Sale

The craft beer industry has been the talk of Colorado for some time. Now that the industry is well established, the opportunities to buy a taproom or tavern for sale and forego the challenge of starting up a bar or brewery are there. Not only does Transworld Business Advisors have great breweries for sale, but we have sports bars, wine bars, pubs, taverns, bar and grills, and upscale restaurants and bars for sale. These business opportunities come with trained employees, brand awareness, equipment, FF&E, cash flow, and most importantly beautiful build-outs that have already been completed.

Owning a neighborhood bar in Colorado is a dream for many - if you’re ready to make your dream of buying a bar come true, you can learn more about buying a business on our website or on our Buyer FAQs page.

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What are the benefits of buying a bar in Colorado?

The bar and restaurant industry can be difficult to break into in fast-paced metro areas like Denver, Colorado, but buying a bar makes it easier to build a successful company from the get-go when things like customers, a lease, vendors, and staff are already established for a small business owner to build from.

Why should you think about buying an established bar?

The business model of a bar is not a new concept, so a business owner ready to purchase a bar in Colorado stands to quickly benefit from an existing bar's customers and cash flow and simply tweaking it for their own purposes. 

How much is a liquor license in Colorado?

The cost of a liquor license in Colorado varies depending on your location and the type of establishment and will include local, state and sometimes federal applications and fees. But the cost and length of time to receive a license is more manageable when transferring a license over applying for a new one.

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