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Buying a Cleaning Businesses

Owning a cleaning business is a great opportunity for any professional looking to become a business owner in Colorado. With a scalable business model and proven concept, there is a lot of opportunity in the Rocky Mountain region whether you’re interested in a commercial cleaning business, residential cleaning, house cleaning or even a cleaning franchise for sale.


Buying a Cleaning Business in Colorado

Buying a janitorial cleaning business is a cash flowing opportunity for new and established entrepreneurs with the need for cleaning occupations expected to grow 7% between the years 2018 and 2028, faster than the average of all occupations. The commercial sector can be an especially promising area of growth and stability because it is often a necessity of the business.


If you’re interested in cleaning business for sale in Denver a great place to start is our Buyer FAQs page to learn about buying a business in Colorado.


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What are the benefits of buying a cleaning company?

Business owners buying a professional cleaning company will gain access to a growing industry with stability and a range of opportunities like established cash flow, contracts, and customers. 

Why should you buy an established cleaning business?

Buying an established cleaning business provides stability over starting a Denver cleaning company. Some of the benefits of buying an established residential and commercial cleaning business are:

  • Contracts
  • Trained Employees
  • Cash Flow
  • Reputation
  • Brand Presence

What is the process of buying a cleaning business?

Transworld Business Advisors has a time-tested process for buying a janitorial company in Colorado. You can learn more about the steps to buying a business in Colorado below:

  1. To start business buyers should peruse cleaning businesses for sale and inquire with a business broker on cleaning companies they find interesting.
  2. When they’re ready to learn more about each company they will sign a non-disclosure agreement which will allow them access to the executive summary describing the business, its history and current operations.
  3. Receipt of an executive summary is followed by a meeting with the business broker.
  4. The seller of the cleaning company will join the conversation in the second meeting.
  5. To put an offer in on the business, the buyer must submit a letter of intent to the business seller.
  6. If the seller accepts the letter of intent the process moves to due diligence and closing.
  7. At closing, an asset purchase agreement is signed by the buyer and the seller to transition the company to the buyer.

Should you start or buy a cleaning company?
Unless your business model is highly unique, buying a cleaning company is a more stable, cash and time efficient opportunity to becoming a janitorial cleaning business owner than starting up a company.

Learn more about buying a cleaning services business in Colorado by scheduling a consultation or contacting us.


Ready to Sell Your Cleaning Business in Colorado?

Transworld Business Advisors are the experts in business sales in the Rocky Mountain Region and can help you prepare for an exit and sell your company to retire. Learn about how to Sell a Business in Colorado on our services page.


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