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As of 2020, Colorado is the second highest ranked state for physical activity making it an incredible place to own a business in the fitness industry. Buying a gym in Colorado is a great way to enter the health and wellness industry while also limiting the risk and financial investment of starting up a new company. Transworld Business Advisors has fitness center for sale opportunities for entrepreneurs considering the fitness industry.

Buying a Gym for Sale in Denver

Buying a gym is an incredible opportunity especially when you consider the sheer amount of FF&E required for opening a gym. And for business owners with reservations about full business ownership, there are so many great fitness franchise opportunities to buy that come with training for operating the business, corporate advertising and marketing, and other benefits.

Buying an established gym can be more than a typical fitness club, Transworld has business listings for CrossFit gyms, personal training businesses, pilates studios, yoga businesses, franchise fitness concepts, kickboxing studios as well as the opportunity to buy a new fitness franchise concept.

If you’re thinking about starting a gym, considering buying a gym can be a better place to start. Refer to our Buyer FAQs page to learn more about how a Transworld business broker can help you buy a fitness business and what you can expect.

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What are the benefits of buying a gym in Colorado?

Buying a gym offers numerous benefits over starting a gym business. For starters, an established business will already have all the gym equipment and build-out in place, which leaves you more energy to focus on building the business and potential growth opportunities like maximizing your profit margin.

Why should you think about buying an established gym?

Since Colorado is highly focused on physical fitness and health and wellness, there are already a lot of gym businesses on the market. When you buy a business that is already established you don’t have to worry about building brand awareness and finding customers - the business will have a customer database in place.

How much is it to open or buy a gym or gym franchise?

Opening a gym can be fairly expensive and may cost a business owner anywhere from $10,000 to more than $100,000, depending on the fitness concept. Transworld has fitness businesses for sale and franchises for sale in Colorado for anywhere between $20,000 and $350,000. These businesses  are already established with equipment, build-outs, customers, brand awareness, employees, leases and so much more making them a proven investment over a startup company.

Does the fitness equipment come included?

Depending on the business acquisition, the fitness equipment may or may not be included. Working with your business broker is the best way to identify a fitness business in Colorado that fits best with your budget and the concept you’re interested in. The cost of fitness equipment can also be a point of negotiation when submitting your letter of intent to purchase a business.

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